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This self-defense video is for a straight in knife attack to the lower abdominal section of the body. Uke steps in for committed lunge with knife. Knife defense: Step to the outside with proper stance and meet knife attack with a shear block utilizing a shuto ( Knife Hand ) into block. Push the knife away from your center and immediately strike the top inside part of forearm with a shuto strike and grab wrist and pull in and down to your body. Slide forward and strike the top of bicep with a elbow strike. Finish with knife hand to the throat and ridge hand to the groin, and throw Kotegaeshi. This technique requires alot of speed and timing, and proper placement of Karate strikes. Concept: get on the knife as quickly as possible and incapacitate your attacker.
This self-defense video is for a committed knife attack to upper midsection of the body. Defense: As attacker lunges with knife, move to the outside and grab wrist with your right hand. Immediately strike behind his elbow with your left arm to hyper-extend his elbow to drop knife. Slide in close, and strike with a elbow to his upper rib cage, while holding on to wrist with your right hand. Move even closer to your attacker and place arm over your left shoulder just behind elbow and break. Attacker may still be holding knife, this will make him drop knife and not be able to use that arm again. Step back, left foot, and perform a wrist throw to completely render the arm useless. This knife defense technique requires speed and timing to execute properly. Utilizing Yoshukai Karate and Jujitsu knife defense techniques.
This knife defense video is for someone holding a knife in stationary position or moving towards you with knife, to the face and lower midsection of body. Defense: Knife in your face move to the outside of your attacker, and strike with a double shuto strike to remove from hand. Follow with rear leg shin kick to there front, or rear leg. Immediately follow up with Kotegaeshi, and throw, roll him over to his stomach using your right hand on his elbow or your knee. End with hand behind his back and wrist bent. Variation of technique: Knife is coming to the lower midsection of your body: Defense: Move to a position where the attacker has to reach you with the knife, as knife comes in disarm the knife using double palm strike to the hand and wrist. Hold on to the wrist with your left hand and move forward and strike with your knee to his solar plexus. Move in a CCW position with his arm to perform shihonage, when you get to throw position in shihonage, stop and move around behind your attacker with left hand to a rear choke. Slide your hand all the way back to your right hand and grab his wrist. Remove your right hand and place on his elbow and pull down, this will make the choke work very well. These two knife defense techniques require speed, timing, and precision movement. The choke is one I designed to work with the shihonage to completely incapacitate your attacker. Techniques used are from Yoshukai Karate, Aikido, and Jujitsu.
This Self-defense video is for a lunge attack with knife. Defense: Move to the outside of knife and grab wrist, push your forearm across his elbow with palm down, and try to make him drop knife. If he does not, turn palm up and grab and pull his elbow back to your chest while pushing knife into attacker. Step back and pull him forward and repeat technique if attacker has not dropped knife. Change hand position, your left arm around his right, and your right hand on his head for shoulder throw. Step in and strike with knee to his solar plexus, step back with right leg and throw CW. This is one of the easiest knife defenses to learn and requires good timing. Technique is performed more in a formal stance and position for demonstration purposes.
This Knife defense video is for a back slash knife attack from the attackers right side. Defense: Step in to the center line of attacker with your right leg and hand (Both hands protecting face). Meet the knife and arm as the knife moves to the centerline and block using the outside forearm, move knife across his body CCW. Stop at centerline and grab wrist with your left hand, and your right hand rolls over, grabs, and clamps down on the knife hand. Pull him back and to your left and cut, if attacker has not dropped knife, step back and come underneath and change hand position (Note Segment #4) and push into attacker. Grab wrist, lock, and throw. This knife defense requires timing, speed, and attention to details. Techniques used are from Yoshukai Karate, Aikido,and Jujitsu. Concept: Get around knife quickly and disarm attacker. Please note variations of technique in Video as they are very important. Note: These movements are non-stop; keep moving.
This knife defense video is for a back slash attack from the attackers left side. Defense: Move to your left 45 degrees and move into attackers arm with double forearm or knife hand block. Immediately step forward with left leg and strike side of knee and drive into ground. This will incapacitate his right leg. Change hand position, throw Kotegaeshi, roll attacker over, lock in, and take knife. Variation of technique: Move to your left 45 degrees and move into attacker's arm with left forearm block checking with your right. Move knife hand down towards attacker's right leg and try to hit or cut leg if possible. Move in and knee-strike to solar plexus. Bring your left leg up on top of head and perform shoulder and body throw. Pull attacker up and step over, lock in elbow, and break. Techniques used: Yoshukai Karate, Aikido, and Jujitsu. Requires speed, timing, and proper technique.
Segment 7 is for a non-static overhead knife strike. Attacker comes forward with a committed overhead knife strike: Move to the outside of knife and parry while checking with the right hand. Parry and redirect knife to 90 degree position off his shoulder. Left hand comes underneath arm to his elbow, right-hand is placed on your left hand and drive attacker into the ground. (Take knife away). This knife defense technique is done with immense speed and concentration, and requires a higher skill level. Osu.
This self-defense knife segment is for a non-static knife attack: Attacker brings knife to the midsection of body. Move to the inside and knife hand block and grab arm with your right hand. Left hand will grab top of his wrist. Shin kick attacker to the groin, lift arm up and rotate counter clockwise and push knife into attacker. If he has not dropped knife, remove it. Move around behind attacker and apply choke. Variation of technique: Same as first, accept when you turn remove your right hand, while maintaining your grip with left hand. Place right hand plam and push head down and throw. Pull arm up and perform a seiza lock. This knife defense segment was performed slowly for illustrative purposes.
This self-defense knife segment is for a non-static attack to the midsection or upper body: Attacker comes in with straight forward attack: Move to the outside and perform kotagaeshi and throw and lock out wrist. Key points: Move to the outside of knife, let your hand & fingers slid down the arm to the wrist, keep his arm and elbow and hand Between your shoulder and waist, pull him forward and down and throw and lock out. Variation of technique: Move to the inside of knife while slapping or striking to his face. Simultaneously grab his knife hand with your left. Right hand again slides down the arm and grabs wrist for a reverse wrist lock and arm bar takedown while taking the knife. These two techniques are done with immense speed and at no consideration for the attacker. Key points: Make sure you grab his knife hand while striking or hitting, make a big circle across your head when applying wrist lock. Also you may want to add kicks etc to the groin or midsection etc.
This knife defense segment is illustrating quick knife disarms, and two knife defense techniques from a close position. And should be taught thoroughly by a licensed instructor, in a class room hands on situation. Quick knife disarms are solely dependent on what the attacker is doing with the knife, and the skill level of said person performing the knife defense techniques.
This knife defense segment was requested by “Advanced Protective Services” for a rear knife defense. This is a training video, and should be watched for this purpose. The sole concept of this video is to show how to get off the knife in a robbery type situation or etc. If you are fortunate enough to get off the knife by all means create distance between you and your attacker. However this may not always be the case, you may be in a situation where you are defending someone else and have to subdue and restrain your attacker. The techniques used in this video are implemented and taught by law enforcement agency’s and protection services.
This self-defense knife segment is for a lunge attack with a knife.
This self-defense knife segment is for a slashing attack with a reverse knife grip.
This self-defense knife segment is for overhead knife attacks with followup techniques.
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